Projection mapping on buildings and other objects is considered a top premium service among projection technology services.

This form of entertainment is spreading worldwide like wildfire. It started gaining popularity in Hungary after 2010 (following the Paint Up! building projection mapping competition organized by our company, which was first of its kind worldwide), and has become a form of applied art in recent years.

Working in this field made us realize that the general public is not always aware of the various genres existing within building and landmark projection, which often leads to serious misunderstanding, especially because the pricing of various styles of projection is different.

To help you choose the type of projection please look at the list of the most common names and descriptions. There may be some overlaps between the names, but they can easily be distinguished from one another by the technique used and the type of content projected.



Light projection is when different colour lights are projected (virtual painted) on a building, landmark, etc.

It is also referred to as

  • virtual building painting with projector
  • building screening
  • object or landmark projection
  • facade screening

The method used (depending on content)

  • projector
  • powerful lights
  • high-power slide projectors (used less nowadays)

Content tends to be either static or sweeping.



Building projection is when the facade of the building is used as a projection surface, but the content projected does not have much to do with the architecture.
The content can vary from logo, film, animation, nonfigurative images, etc.

It is also referred to as

  • virtual building painting with projector
  • building projection
  • object projection
  • facade projection

The method used (depending on content)

  • using projector(s)
  • high-power slide projectors (used less nowadays)

Generally speaking, static images, etc. are moved in a special way and the content tends not to be connected to the surface on which it is projected.

All it takes is using the projection service and make arrangements for the means of projection.



Video mapping is when the building or object used as surface seems to move. The mapping material consisting of 2 and 3D elements projected fits the building architecture. Such content does not simply colour the surface but also moves it, and as a result the audience will see a magnificent show.

  • virtual building projection mapping
  • architectural projection
  • mapping
  • projection mapping
  • building mapping
  • building projection mapping
  • projection on building
  • 3D mapping
  • 3D videomapping
  • 3D projection mapping

The method used

  • professional ultra-high-powered projectors

In this category the pricing depends on the proportion of 3D, the more there is the more serious (more expensive) it is.

Mapping projection requires much more preparation (one month or more depending on the time of year) than light projection or simple building projection. In addition the production of material to be projected can only be done by a content producer specialising in such animation.



  • Technical costs
    These costs depend on the equipment used, the size and type of the projection surface as well as the location.

  • Cost of projection material (animation)
    Per minute fees depend on how complicated the animation (film) is and the amount of 2D and 3D content.

  • Cost of transportation and professional staff

  • Other costs
    Permits, superstructures, etc.

All three forms of projection can take place both in- and outdoors. Indoors, it is for example fantastic to see when mapping „runs around” the wall of a concert hall.

Painting with light, projecting or mapping can be done not only on buildings but objects of various shapes and size, scale models, cars, etc. The only limit is the client’s imagination.

At Visualpower an experienced mapping specialist manager is in charge of such projects.

Our company cooperates with content producers who have international references.