High brightness LED displays of giant outdoor events.

We recommend these modern intelligent LED technology display systems, developed especially for outdoor bright light conditions, assuring an excellent picture quality LED walls (videowalls) mainly for mass outdoor events.

LED walls are the only solution for events, during daytime screenings with bright light conditions. These equipments can be familiar from giant concerts, festivals, sport events...

Next to its “ordinary” usage at outdoor events, they are also an efficient marketing tool for communication in public places. Increasingly popular they “giant city billboard” and sport perimeter display (perimeter LED) function.

By their usage the viewing distance is depending on their individual makings (pixel pitch).
Basic rule: the minimum viewing distance in terms of meters equals with the pixel pitch of the LED wall in a terms of mm.

There are several type of LED techniques exist. We categorized them below in outdoor and indoor groups and furthermore we divided the indoor LED walls in to ordinary and lightweight (transparent) category.

The LED walls are available in different size and type.


LED walls - INDOOR and OUTDOOR (modular)

These video walls can be used indoor or outdoor. The installation term of these equipments depend on the size of the surface and the method of the installation.

It can be installed with hanging structure or with a stand by an extra order.

LED walls consists of modules, on these modules the pixels are created of high brightness LEDs.

The modules can be combined differently, individually (LED wall, LED banner, column, etc.)
The input signal can be: video or PC signal.

We deliver the equipment with the control unit.


LED walls – INDOOR (modular)

Primarily the indoor LED walls are different from the outdoor ones because of the brightness and they are not that resistant of extreme weather conditions, but their resolution is better. In an upcoming require with optimal light conditions and with a proper cover it is possible to use it outdoor.


LED walls – LIGHTWEIGHT – indoor and outdoor (modular)

It is user friendly, easy to control, programmable, extendable and can be modified flexibly. It is possible to make an extraordinary spectacular, whole or detailed giant surface from the modules. This equipment is an excellent tool for events. It is also very useful as an advertising surface. The LED wall has its own digital video control system, we recommend it for PC and video signal too.


  • light, modular construction (excellent for quick installation events)
  • transparent (light, sound and air can go through it)