These displays monitors are the most practical visual equipments among presentation tools:

  • easy to install also as a last piece of any kind of set
  • it can be positioned on the ceiling, fitted to the wall, or usable on a stand
  • owing to their exclusive appearance they are presentable just as they are.

These displays are primarily used at exhibitions, smaller meetings, press conferences, in VIP lounges, but it can be part of a set at TV studios and TV shows as well.



Our plasma monitors are available different sizes and certain types come with built in loudspeakers and audio output.

  • picture sizes: from 66 to 213 cm (from 26" to 84")
  • resolution: to 4K

On demand, we are able to assemble unique plasma wall configuration with the combination of the equipment. With your special ideas please, contact us!!


Frameless plasma wall

The technique is unique in the Hungarian rental market.

The 47" displays can be combined to create any size of homogeneous plasma screen required with seam gaps of less than 4 mm between the panels. It has a compelling perspective with its aristocratic, elegant look and dynamic picture quality.

The panels are configurable in any way for example as a connected surface made out of more elements, column, sparse panels, line etc.. Appear able on the equipment from a simple video signal everything until a high resolution PC signal.

Easy and quick installation. Thanks to its attributes and exclusive look we recommend it for hardly every type of event.