For the first time in Hungary

We presented the greatest project of our company to date, the 3D projection mapping of the Castle of Buda at the opening ceremony of FINA World Championships to the general public. We are extremely proud that we have been commissioned to do the projection mapping of the opening ceremony (as well as the closing ceremony) of the greatest image event Hungary has ever organized.

The projection mapping of the 300-meter-wide complex posed a considerable challenge to us. During preparations we were told by international experts that due to the extreme situation of the buildings, the project cannot be carried out. And in fact it was no easy feat, as it turned out early on in the planning phase that the projectors can only be mounted on the hillside.

Nevertheless we took on the project, as we love challenges.

Hungary has not seen a projection mapping project of this magnitude with regards to the size of the projection area, the total light output of projectors and the extreme situation of projectors required to project the gigantic panoramic image.

The professional design of the projection mapping project for the opening ceremony took half a year to complete. The technical implementation was the intellectual product of Visualpower staff. In the projection mapping event we used 50 projectors with 30,000 ANSI lumens per projector (a total of 1 million 500 thousand ANSI lumens). As there are no companies in Hungary that could provide the equipment required for the project, we used the capacities of our foreign rental partners as well.

Those who have some experience in event technology know what the following figures mean.

Buda Castle projection mapping:

  • 9000 sqm
  • 300 m wide
  • 1500000 ANSI lumens
  • 50 pcs 30K projectors
  • 10 projecting postitons
  • 41 tons of scaffolding
  • team of 50 people involved